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(Ludwig) additive clause: A clause which adds something to the main clause, without modifying or restricting the idea expressed in the latter.adessive: A Finno-Ugric de 9 lensional case, having the same deno- tation as the English preposition at or near, adherent adjective: Attributivejadjective (q.v.).It is expected that numerous revisions will be in order from timr to time; therefore the editors earnestlyrequest that reviewers and users of this volume will call to their attention omissions and inaccuracies, and voice suggestions for desiderata and addenda.

(E.g., “The meek shall inherit the earth.”) absolute case: The case in which a noun is said to be wllen it is the subject of a sentence but is grammatically isolated from the other sentence-elements.abstract noun: A noun denoting a quality or characteristic in gener^.term: In general, any term, word or expression which 5 ACROPHONY denotes a notion, concept, idea, in contradistinction to a con-- Crete term (q.v.).acrophony: The employment of the pictorial representational ag ACTION NOUN 6 object as the phonetic sign of the initial sound or syllable of the name of that object, action noun: Any noun naming an action, active case: See ergative case. actor-action-goal: The sequence of forms in languages like Eng- lish where word order normally indicates or marks grammatical relationships; compare ‘The man bit the dog* and ‘The dog bit the man*, where the action remains the same, though the mean- ing is reversed, since actors and goals have changed position, actualization: The perceptible result of the articulation ^of the phonemic variants or of the archiphoneme (q.v.).Also called realization, acute accent: T^Jie diacritic mark ['], placed over a vowel to indi- cate the correct sound in pronunciation; occasionally used (e.g., in Spanish) as a mere orthographic mark, without affecting the pronunciation, or to indicate the accented syllable, adaptation theory: The theory that flexional endings originally were stem formatives.

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A DICTIONARY OF LINGUISTICS A Abakan: An Asiatic language; a member of the Eastern Turkic group of the Altaic sub-family of the Ural-Altaic family of languages. Abkaz: A language (also referred to as Abkhasian^ spoken in the Caucasus; a member of the Western branch of the North Cau- casian family of languages. ablative: That case of a noun, adjective, pronoun or numeral de- noting the source, agent or means, occasionally also time or place, of an act or occurrence. 3 ABRIDGED CLAUSE 4 French u [y], the vowel sound in the English word but [a], etc.) obridged clause: A clause without a finite verb form, such as an infinitive or participial clause.

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