Qualitative research validating facial expression

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Qualitative research validating facial expression

Quirkos is designed to keep researchers close to the data with a unique visual interface, showing coding and thematic connections as they emerge.

In this talk I take a slightly different approach suggesting what things that may be surprising to some of us in the future are already in existence today just slightly hidden in the margins or peripheries of present-day practice.

The purpose of this article is to review qualitative and historiometric methods used in research within The Leadership Quarterly over its 25-year history.

Within the specific field of leadership, there are signs of a growing interest in the use of qualitative research.

Data of this study was collected at a Simulation lab of a mid-western university.

The possible structures, parameters and repertoires emerged from the debriefing debates might lead us to frame the discourse analysis as one of the possible methodologies to understand the data emerged from a new evidence-based learning environment.

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Nakia Walker This exploratory study seeks to examine African American parents’ experiences in regards to accepting their child’s emotional disability and how they have adapted in their current lifestyle.