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Radgridview rowvalidating

I have a Telerik rad Grid View on a form which has cell and row validation implemented. The problem arises when I leave a row incomplete and then click on the Save button elsewhere on the form. The Row Validating code snippet below does not work, because once the focus moves away from the gridview to the Save button, the if (row !

Here is the cellvalidation code I use: In order to manage to print the tooltip and have it visible while the mouse is over the cell a few things need to be done.

For such matters, it would be great if you post them in a forum/support thread, so we can discuss them and then we will add them if needed.

The Row Validation events should be fired when the Row loses focus.

Is Null Or Empty(value)) else private void rad Grid View1_Row Validating(object sender, Row Validating Event Args e) { var row = e.

Rad Grid View provides a convenient way to perform validation before data is committed to the underlying data source.

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