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I don’t see any point waiting months to have sex, especially at my age. As soon as we walked through the door we had sex." "Our relationship lasted for years and having a great sex life gelled us together."I need to know early on if I’m sexually compatible with someone or the relationship won’t work. "I met an ex-partner online and we had sex on our first date. "When we split up I met men through Tinder and Plenty of Fish.

But the number of women who have sex on the first date is set to grow as more of them discover how empowering and liberated it makes them feel."Some guys assume sex will happen on a first date and other’s don’t, so it can be really empowering to say, ' I don’t care about the rules – I want to sleep with you because I want to know if you can ­satisfy my needs.'" "I think it’s better to get straight to the point, and I’m like that with the initial chatting, too."If I meet someone online then I will ask to meet up straight away."I got chatting to a man on Tinder and we met up at a hotel and fell into bed as soon as we got there."It was really exciting – but when I suggested going out for a few drinks afterwards, he decided that he just wanted to spend the night in the room.

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"I don’t see the point in ­dragging it out because you’ll only know if there’s a connection once you meet in person.