Reallfecam lna and maks

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Reallfecam lna and maks

Richardson had, in March, 1851, fallen a victim to the noble enterprise to which he had devoted his life, her majesty's gov- ernment honored me with their confidence, and, in authorizing me to carry out the objects of the expedition, placed sufficient means at my disposal for the composing these dismal-looking cliffs proved to consist of sandstone blackened hy the influence of the atmosphere : farther on it was disposed in regular strata very much like slate.The position in which I was thus placed must be my excuse for undertaking, after the successful accomplishment of my labors, the difficult task of re- lating them in a language not my own.The western and highest part of the range seems to consist of clay-slate.

Vogel,* who was sent out by her Britannic majesty's government for the purpose of joining the expedition ; and I have only to regret that this gentleman was not my companion from tlie beginning of my journey, as exact astronomical observations, such as he has made, are of the ut- most importance in any geographical exploration.

As for myself, I avoided giving of- fense to tlie men with whom I had to deal in peaceful inter- course, endeavoring to attach them to me by esteem and friend- ship.

Going sometimes on pebbly, at others on sandy ground, after five miles we reached the shal- low valley Uaghlaghen, running from east to west, and hand- somely overgrown with bushes ; and after another stretch of about the same length, we entered the range of mountains, con- sisting of remarkably cragged and scarred rocks, with many narrow defiles.

At first the descent was gradual, but beyond the val- ley In-kassewa, which, running through high rocky ground, is not so poor in herbage, we descended about two hundred feet by steep terraces, having before us the peculiarly serrated crest of the Akakus, and in front of it some lower offshoots covered with sand.

Besides this, my admiration of the wide extension of the British over the globe, their influence, their langu.age, and their government, was such that I felt a strong- inclination to become the humble means of carrying out their philanthropie views for the progressive civilization of the neg- lected races of Central Africa.

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Beyond this hill, where Hatita told us that he had once passed the heat of the 184 TEAVELS IN AFEICA.