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Red sox fans dating site

Our money to replace Epstein as general manager of the Red Sox is on current Vice President of Player Personnel/former interim-GM/long-time Red Sox understudy, Ben Cherington.Ben Cherington’s wife Wendi Nix is a sports reporter for ESPN.In their place, the Blake Swihart-Sandy Leon duo has been a hair below replacement level, and things aren’t expected to improve much, as Swihart is projected to finish the year with less than 1 WAR.Pablo Sandoval was supposed to fill the hole the team has had at the hot corner since Kevin Youkilis’s last good season in 2011.He is projected to be worth 1.3 WAR for the rest of the season, which would get him to 0.8, but that’s a.) still far short of expectations and b.) if he keeps sitting against lefties, it’s doubtful he’ll get enough plate appearances to hit that rest of season projection.It’d be nice to have Lackey right about now, wouldn’t it?

They are the only team in the majors to start four players each for 10 or more games. Not one has been a positive force in the batter’s box, and overall only the Padres and Phillies have been worse in right field.Chances are the team will end up getting less than half of the projected performance from Ramirez.Ramirez may actually be more culpable for the team’s poor start though, as he is now having a ripple effect on the team, because the team is starting him at designated hitter in place of David Ortiz.Ortiz has slumped against lefties, but from 2012 to 2014 he ranked 53rd out of 161 qualified players against lefthanded pitching, and most of the players who performed better are righthanded hitters.Whether you believe this is a short-term thing or the start of Ortiz’s ending, he can’t pull out of his slump against lefties if he isn’t allowed to face them, but that’s where the team is right now, thanks to Ramirez’s dreadful defense.

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In the fantasy world, we’ve found you either love him, drafting him year after year, or you don’t even consider him an option.