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You can't really move on with your life by staying in limbo. Sometimes we can delude ourselves about someone's motives when we are really keen to be with them.

That may be good for your ego, but it's not really how things work after you've separated. I agree with PP's that he knows what to say to keep you an option in the mean time & if told you he is dating then you'd likely not want to carry on this arrangement.

Gillie wants to know if her online boyfriend is real, just really shy and/or busy, or, if she’s being catfished. Which for most people isn’t a problem — until you have to come up with a few date movies that both of you … Simply, when one person pretends to be someone else online, almost always in an online dating context.

“I’ve met a guy online and we’ve been dating through Skype and Facebook for a long time. Several well-known celebrities have been catfished quite publicly, including Manti Te’o and Thomas Gibson. Catfishing isn’t a new concept; people have lied about their identities since the dawn of the personals column …

He said that he would never sleep with anyone else whilst still technically married to me. It's usually pretty obvious when men are keen for more than that and when they're not.

There’s a fair amount of data and research surrounding language and online dating sites, and I find it both …

The other day, I started looking for some love myself quotes. I was feeling crummy and wanted something to cheer me up and lift me out of my slump.

A succinct book that reads like a friendly forum, 22 Things A Woman Must Know If She Loves a Man With Asperger’s Syndrome is a quick read, but lacks in facts and stats.

Fleshing out would make it more authoritative, as would some input from women who have dated men with Asperger’s (AS), other than the …

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