Rihanna and usher dating

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Rihanna and usher dating

Their relationship ended because Usher supposedly got “bored” of the model and Campbell had enough of being told what to wear and what events to attend.Campbell dated billionaire oil heir Badr Jafar for roughly 10 months.Sorry if you like her I respect that but the talent…

Even though their relationship was short lived the couple made many red carpet appearances together.They were first linked in 2001, but then Campbell moved on to a slew of different guys.Then the couple was spotted arm and arm on vacation in Venice.Relationship rumors didn’t start swirling until summer 2017.Their “friendship” was chronicled by intimate selfies adorned with heart emojis and a naked underwear campaign together.

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Many believe he’s the reason why Campbell and Rihanna aren’t friends anymore. They went on lavish dates including private jets, expensive dinners and more.

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