Rob pattinson and nikki reed dating Adultchat biz

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Rob pattinson and nikki reed dating

Hollywood Life claims that in this video Nikki disses Robert Pattinson as a liar and confirms a feud with him and his now-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart.

Gossip Cop calls them out for drawing spurious conclusions, and I agree that they’re really reaching with that one. Quick background: Rumor has it that Nikki dated Robert Pattinson before Kristen Stewart and that Kristen and Nikki were friends back then.

I have some affection for Nikki Reed as a relatively nice-seeming castmember of the Twilight franchise. So I was surprised by the fact that she has a kind of a nasally, mildly annoying voice. She says that Kristen Stewart makes good desserts, that Robert Pattinson tells elaborate stories and is a “good storyteller,” that Taylor Lautner has a lot of energy, and that Kellan Lutz is a goofball. “You didn’t notice until five minutes afterwards, and then you’re like, ‘Oh, wow. I think I’m totally raw.'” Still, don’t expect her to call for a stunt double. Pattinson proceeded to have a fling with costar Nikki Reed. He always looks like he’s thinking about something. “When I got in the room with Kristen, there was a certain chemistry.” So why didn’t they let it combust? As they began filming in 2008, Stewart was all business—and serious about actor boyfriend Michael Angarano, 21.Kristen had another boyfriend at the beginning of filming, who was also friends with Nikki prior to when Kristen dumped him and hooked up with Robert.(Not necessarily in that order and more background is here.) So there’s probably bad blood there but I doubt they’re seething at each behind the scenes.

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If you read between the lines on what she said in the actual interview she may be hinting at some kind of issues with her costars.

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