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At the same time, The Blast reports the house "sold" for more than 0,000 in August when the documents were first filed.When the house was first purchased, Ashton was married to Demi Moore.Since Demi refuses to take Ashton’s calls he gets his updates through Rumer.But Demi would hit the roof if she knew how often Rumer and Ashton Talk’ Demi, 49 filed for divorce from Ashton, her husband of six years, in November, after he was accused of cheating on purchased a 2-bedroom, 1,800-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills back in 2009 for more than 0,000.A co-ownership agreement was signed by Ashton and Rumer Willis, which granted each of them 50 percent ownership of the property. News confirmed that Rumer recently filed documents stating the co-ownership has ended.‘Rumer hates how Ashton treated her mom but she still loves him like family.

While some pop culture fans had their questions about the relationship, the actress was able to provide a closer look into their dynamic."They had a normal, real relationship," she explained to Marc Maron on his podcast.

Very, very rarely.” The Hollywood couple began dating in 2012, just a few months after his marriage with actress Demi Moore ended.

However, they first met more than 20 years ago on the set of US sitcom, That '70s Show, when Kunis was just 14 and Kutcher was 20 years old when filming for the first series took place.

In 2018 a publication published a cover story, which wrongfully claimed: “Mila and Ashton: Divorce Announcement.” However, a representative for Kunis later told Gossip Cop the story was “absolutely not true” and they never planned to make a divorce announcement.

Kunis has spoken out about numerous claims she and her husband are divorcing, branding stories about her nothing more than “rumours”.

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Poor Demi Moore who was released yesterday from the hospital after a reported seizure is having her share of problems the past few months.

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