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Russian federation  dating site

But it wasn’t able to block Telegram without blocking access to many other, unrelated websites.After more than a year, the government still hasn’t found an effective way to keep Russians from using the service.In the crowded and competitive world of social media apps, any kind of blocking—even if it isn’t 100 percent successful—could still impact Tinder’s success in Russia.

Krapiva speculates that Russia is enforcing its data-sharing policies by exerting pressure on smaller companies that are easier targets—and will feel the impact more acutely—than behemoths like Twitter and Facebook.

Other non-Russian companies on the list include video-sharing site Vimeo and China’s We Chat.

Other apps like Snap and Telegram say they were placed on the list without their knowledge and without signing any kind of agreement.

Oleg Kozlovsky, a Russia researcher at Amnesty International, says that corruption is widespread in Russia’s law-enforcement agencies and that it’s “not unlikely” that information about Tinder’s users’ private communications and sexual orientation could be leaked and even used for blackmail.

“There is effectively no oversight, judiciary or public, of how this information is accessed and used by the secret services,” he said in a written statement.

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