Sallie mae not consolidating loans

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Sallie mae not consolidating loans

Up until 2005 private student loans were able to be discharged in bankruptcy.Once that was eliminated by Congress the private student loans lenders starting pouring out loans like water without regard to affordability or repayment.

Consider refinancing if you have: Refinancing federal student loans into a private loan means losing consumer protections specific to federal loans.I am stuck because my father is cosigned on most of these loans and they will try and collect from him if I do not pay.Andy Click here to get my free my weekday email newsletter with the latest tips and advice on how to beat debt and do better financially. Dear Andy, The first step would be to figure out if your Sallie Mae loans are subsidized loans or straight private student loans.And student loans have the fewest solutions and options to deal with the debt.People who took out student loans, especially private student loans, are essentially financial slaves until Congress changes the laws.

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  2. raise taxes, make college free, let the taxpayer pay for the student loan debacle, let all the sewage flow through the southern border so we can take care of them while ignoring our own veterans and children, and last but not least ….