Scientific liquidating mn

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Scientific liquidating mn

In order to do this, he started an aggressive program of buying up various companies to round out CDC's peripheral lineup.In general, they tried to offer a product to compete with any of IBM's, but running 10% faster and costing 10% less. One of its first peripherals was a tape transport, which led to some internal wrangling as the Peripherals Equipment Division attempted to find a reasonable way to charge other divisions of the company for supplying the devices.Cray in turn demanded (in 1962) to have his own remote lab, saying that otherwise, he would quit.Norris agreed, and Cray and his team moved to Cray's home town, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.Parker was obviously wary, but after several meetings with increasingly high-ranking Naval officers it became apparent that whatever it was, they were serious, and he eventually agreed to give this team a home in his military glider factory.Among these was the ERA Atlas, an early military stored program computer, the basis of the Univac 1101, which was followed by the 1102, and then the 36-bit ERA 1103 (UNIVAC 1103).Cray immediately turned to the design of a machine that would be the fastest (or in the terminology of the day, largest) machine in the world, setting the goal at 50 times the speed of the 1604.This required radical changes in design, and as the project "dragged on" — it had gone on for about four years by then — the management got increasingly upset and it demanded greater oversight.

Instead they simply said the team was important, and they would be very happy if he hired them all.Of the members forming CDC, William Norris was the unanimous choice to become the chief executive officer of the new company.Seymour Cray soon became the chief designer, though at the time of CDC's formation he was still in the process of completing a prototype for the Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS), and he did not leave Sperry to join CDC until it was complete.After several years of losses in the early 1980s, in 1988 CDC started to leave the computer manufacturing business and sell the related parts of the company, a process that was completed in 1992 with the creation of Control Data Systems, Inc.The remaining businesses of CDC currently operate as Ceridian.

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Since the Sperry "big company" mentality encroached on the decision-making powers of the ERA employees, a number setting up shop in an old warehouse across the river from Sperry's St.

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