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She had no other place to go; David had installed locks on the inside of the doors that only his keys could open The incident was the catalyst Teri needed to leave David. On the day they divorced, David sat in the courtroom crying. Three years later, Teri had turned her life around.The couple had two young daughters together, and Teri knew he would eventually abuse them too. She'd met and married a wonderful man, Nick Nicolai, who loved her and her daughters, and they'd recently learned they were expecting.He had held onto mementos from their wedding including her dress, photo albums, and video footage, which he showed to the girls as proof that "mommy doesn't keep her promises." When Teri arrived that fateful day, David was uncharacteristically calm.

Even though her gut told her not to, she didn't want to disappoint her kids; she stepped inside the house.Later that day, three hours after Teri and the girls were supposed to be back, Nick called the police.When he gave dispatchers David Larsen's address, they recognized it: Earlier, a breathless woman had placed a call to 9-1-1 and given the same address.It got so bad that she began insisting they exchange the kids in public places like Mc Donald's or the hardware store.She called the police twice and, eventually, filed a restraining order against him.

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They pried the lock off a storage unit, shining their flashlights around the 6-by-8-foot room until they landed on two suspicious objects: a baseball bat with what appeared to be dried blood caked on it, and a garbage can with the lid duct-taped shut—the only container present that was big enough to hide a body.