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This way students will be facing each other while they discuss each topic.Let your students take their seats and tell them they are about to discuss X different topics with X different classmates. I prepared 6 different topics which is perfect for a group of 12.Be ready to step in in case not everybody in class has a speaking partner or arrange for a 3-person group (two students who don’t switch places sit together, waiting for a new speaking partner). After this time, on your signal, one row of students (specify clearly which!) will move over one chair to their right to switch speaking partners and discuss next topic from the list.

This resulted in lazy speaking, relying on their partner too much, getting away with “I don’t know, it depends” and general apathy during speaking practice which could potentially be the most interesting and engaging part of the class.

” I observed my students closely not so much to listen to what they were saying (grammar, vocab, etc.) but to see how they were interacting with each other.

It was interesting to see usually quiet students liven up when they had to talk to a new speaking partner and they contributed more than what I remembered of them from their usual pairwork.

In order to mix things up and expose students to a variety of speaking partners, I propose a speaking activity which I called Decide on the seating before the lesson.

You might arrange the desks in a horseshoe or a single row with chairs on both sides of each table.

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