Squire tele fender dating

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The KC and KV forms are apparently associated with the change to Crafted in Korea. So, post-1996 models only would have this form of serial number. Well, your post led me on a bit search, nay, mission to find out when my old strat was built. Six-digit serial numbers with no preceding letters, with the first number being the year. Turns out, it was built in the Samick factory, in 1989. It's a lovely old thing, and just coming up to 20 years old! In DESPERATE need of a re-fret or stoning tho, so if you know anyone reputable... However, it is true that Squiers by Fender are good student guitars and are most generally of medium quality. Must be dead if you are digging up old stuff and doing a re-pack.Nothing wrong with a Squier, but lets face it, you get what you pay for. I would agree with you, I thought the modern player just as good as the corona tele's.FENDER SQUIER STANDARD TELECASTER | e Bay - Electronics, Cars. Squier® Guitars and Basses by Fender® Buying Guides: Telecaster Guitar Buying Guide | Musician's Friend Dating Your Fender - Fender Telecaster® Electric Guitar Central. MPG - You Tube Affinity Telecaster® by Squier® Guitars How to Upgrade a Squier Telecaster | e .Squier's uber-cool artist signature model is the Artist. model is the Artist Series Deryck Whibley Telecaster. Affinity Telecaster® by Squier® Guitars For Japanese Squier serial number dating, see Fender's serial number dating service.. American Vintage '52 Telecaster® Reissue Left-Handed Since 1982, Squier by Fender has been making high-quality, low-cost, entry-level Tele models and other Fender guitars and basses. Fender guitar serial numbers, dating Fenders electric guitars USA.

Agathis body and maple neck with a rosewood fretboard adorn this Squier Standard Telecaster.. I'm a 37 year old bedroom plank spanker (ooer misses etc) from the UK. I own quite a few guitars (9 I think), but on inparticular is a favourite of mine: An old Korean Squier Strat that I picked up around 1992. Regards, kcbuck It's a genuine Fender (whatever that means).All the Modern Player guitars are made in China at the Squier factory but just branded "Fender" rather than "Squier by Fender".

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