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The squad watches heist films to learn how to rob banks, and Kansas visits her mother at the women's penitentiary for tips on where to find weaponry.

Following the women's advice, Diane and her friends visit a bug exterminator, "The Terminator" (W. He refuses to sell them the guns unless they accept his awkward daughter, Fern Rogers (Alexandra Holden), on the squad.

It was loosely based on a 1999 series of robberies perpetrated by four teenage girls from the Kingwood area of Houston, Texas.

The story is narrated by Lisa Janusch (Marla Sokoloff), the bitter and jealous head cheerleader of Lincoln High School's B-squad.

Also, some critics say the movie is irresponsible in its depiction of teens and guns." The film opened at #5 at the North American Box office making ,891,176 USD in its opening weekend.

By the end of its run, it had grossed ,305,101 in the domestic box office and ,908,947 worldwide; based on a million budget, it was a box office bomb.

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So they aren’t, um, quite as naughty.” Customer: “Oh, he’ll just have a bottle of water.” Me: “Okay. Lisa, Diane's bitter rival, occasionally runs into Jack at the rental store.She is interested in winning Jack's heart, but fails to get his attention.The squad agrees to do so and they begin rehearsing the robbery, as well as their choreography for the winter ball.During winter break, they order masks to hide their identities.

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In order to cover up her actions, Diane tells Jack she won the lottery and after they have their twins, Jack wins his senatorial campaign, and Diane's squad lead successful lives after high school.