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Strauss signed up for one of these workshops, held by a PUA calling himself Mystery, and thus began a two year thrill-ride that would eventually be chronicled in Strauss’ 'The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists'.Less of a how-to book and more like one of the autobiographies he helped ghost-write, it tells the story of Strauss’ ascension within the seduction community, transforming himself from Neil Strauss, LA based writer, into to Pick-Up Artist Style.So it made me think: I’ve received hundreds of emails from guys fretting that if the book or the community get too well-known, the game won’t work anymore. First of all, everyone knows how to diet, but not everyone does it.

There was a point when "What’s your sign" was not a corny way to start a conversation.

At the end of 2005, Strauss passed on his own set of techniques, entitled the 'Annihilation Method', to 5 selected followers over the course of a three-day seminar at his California home.

Recently he sold a limited amount of copies of a DVD, which was only available via credit card from his website and taught the 'Annihilation Method'; while in late 2007, thanks to huge demand for an actual how-to book; Strauss penned the sequel to the 'Game', entitled 'Rules of the Game'.

He taught me what all the signs meant, what the twelve houses were all about, how to identify astrological trends in people’s lives, and how to determine sign compatibility.

Whether or not I believed in astrology was immaterial: I now knew a lot about it.

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