The rules for dating and texting Free sex un registered live video chat

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The rules for dating and texting

"I remember just feeling so weird about it," she said.The trials and tribulations of dating, particularly online, aren't new.But singles and experts alike say texting while in the throes of a new romance can pose specific problems.Clinical psychologist Leora Trub, who researches texting and romance at New York's PACE University, says texting is a casual communication tool prone to misinterpretation and over-analysis in a high-stakes exchange like dating.

I’ve been a victim to the over analysing text rule, I’ve shown things to friends and wondered what it all meant, so I do understand why it happens.

One of the rules of dating that I hate is that you can over-text a person. I realise the latter is my friends but you know relationships come in all shapes and sizes. The new person you are dating does not know you that well yet, so texting a lot can come off as a bit keen. If you are a person I just met I’ll likely talk to you like I have known you forever because I love new people. A very good way of figuring out if new people are going to stick around in your life is to just be yourself, if they don’t dig you as you are then they aren’t worth having around.

I don’t mean like 50 texts in the space of 15 minutes, or like constant texts all day with no reply because that is obviously obsessive territory but more that you can text a person have a few days go by where they don’t reply and then question whether or not you should text them something else because it might look clingy. So, if you are a person who texts a lot then go and text.

"You think you're being affected by the communication itself," Trub said.

"You're actually being affected by the communication medium much more." For example, one person may put a period at the end of a sentence because they're into grammar and punctuation.

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However, they also offer advice for those who are struggling.

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