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Understanding japanese women e book japan dating tips

However, you will still need to prepare a considerable budget for this because a full geisha dinner can be worth around 50,000 yen and up (0~ or Php 22,500~) per geisha or maiko.

This does NOT include dinner yet which starts at 10,000 yen (~ or Php 4,500~), as well as an interpreter if you don’t know how to speak Japanese (since geisha and maiko don’t train in English conversation).

With the sublime slope in the background, the scenery of Chūreitō Pagoda, a piece of sublime Japanese architecture, makes for a magnificent view.In fact, a lot of girls have to persuade their parents today in order to let them become one. Being a geisha is like being an artist or a performer — it’s a respectable profession and much like any career you pursue in life that you are passionate about, you do it because you love it while also earning your living from it.Once a girl’s parents do consent to it, she will have to be interviewed first by the association as well as the female owners of the ochaya (tea houses) before being accepted. It helps to always remember that the movie was mainly fictional and set to be ‘sellable’ to audiences. They don’t go around chasing after men either; it just so happens that the people that they present their art and performances to are predominantly men. This kind of mizuage was actually a ceremony done by young courtesans and prostitutes in the past — NOT by maiko.Going by this train of thought, hiring a geisha to have a dinner banquet with is not easy especially if you’re not Japanese and not well-connected, as it is exclusive AND expensive.Fortunately, most ochaya have lessened their restrictions lately and tourists can now have a geisha dinner if they go through partnered travel agencies and hotels.

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