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Updating certificates

You can modify the list of servers that are displayed by adding or removing the servers to reflect the current configuration of the AD FS farm.As soon as the server information is provided, Azure AD Connect displays the connectivity and current SSL certificate status.

The Office 365 portal will warn you when these certs are about to expire and that user access to all Office 365 services will fail.This is not true if the Relying party has been updated on the 5 days that exist between the new certificate creation and the promotion. New certificate will be created on and will be marked as Secondary [20 days before expiration].On the the Secondary Certificate is promoted to Primary [5 days after new certificate generation].Each federation server uses a token-signing certificate to digitally sign all security tokens that it produces.Because each security token is digitally signed by the account partner, the resource partner can verify that the security token was in fact issued by the account partner and that it was not modified.

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Each federation server is required to have a server authentication certificate and a token-signing certificate before it can participate in AD FS communications.