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Just do another pull/merge/resolve/commit/push cycle then. cws fetch can be configured to make use of LOCAL (means: on the same disk) and LAN resources for fast clone operations.Simply add and configure the following entries in your $HOME/.cwsrc # Directory where pristine copies of OOo master workspaces (ie.DEV300) are kept on the local disk # HG_LOCAL_SOURCE= # Example: HG_LOCAL_SOURCE=/export/hg_clean # URL where pristine copies of OOo master workspaces (ie.First, understand that a "commit" in Git is no longer a remote operation. Repeat these steps for other web content you may need to connect to.An 'outgoing' repository will be created (this may take up to one hour) on the SCM server where you can publish your changes.As an alternative way you can use the EIS web fronted to create the CWS and set it to status 'new'. Make sure that your local pristine copy contains the latest milestone.

Committing does _nothing_ on the server -- that's what a PUSH is for!1) You must COMMIT your changes at the file or folder level. To do the local commit, select the file, right-click menu, Team - Commit.2) To push them back to the server, you need to "Push to Upstream".To set them correctly in Eclipse: Be sure to provide values for both (e.g. Each sub-directory of is now a git repo, so you have to update each repo.To do a PULL, You can make changes to any file the same way you do with CVS.

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Obviously at this point in time latest your changesets must be published there.

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