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Updating flock

Herald of War will help us cast our more expensive Angels, while Archangel of Tithes should deter some attacks from coming in our direction.Creature-based strategies can easily be disrupted by Grave Pact effects that cause us to sacrifice our expensive creatures (which are normally taken advantage of with sacrifice outlets like Ashnod’s Altar), so Angel of Jubilation can slow these kinds of decks down.With so few instants and sorcery slots (five and six, respectively) I think we need to focus on removal, since there are not many ramp or draw spells in our single color.

Shameless plugs aside, let us get down to why we are here today. This one is extra special because it was suggested both in last article’s Disqus and Reddit comments!I also noted that Anointed Procession from the page and decided that 1/1 Bird and Spirit tokens were just as good as any Angel, and investigated other generators for those tokens.This gave me the idea to run cards like Custodi Soulbinders, Twilight Drover, and Spirit Bonds.typically puts the “New Cards” portion of each commander as the first section, most likely to draw attention to the fact that there are new synergies and strategies to play with legendary creatures that have been around for a while.With Radiant, there is no “New Cards” section, meaning people probably have not been updating their lists on the sites that gathers data from.

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Mono-white has several powerful keywords associated with it, such as flying, but vigiliance is another such effect.

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