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Fortunately the file shrinks back down to 60GB when installation is finished, but if unpacking hangs, try making some more room on the HDD.Rockstar's says: "The most common cause for these errors is an incorrect installation of Social Club.From there, go into the 'Installers' folder and manually install the Rockstar Social Club through the installers found in that directory.From there, it should load normally—although we think some of the problems are due to a Rockstar Social Club connection issue. We've been unable to test it yet, but Mustache Emperor on GTA 5 Reddit proposes this solution."Open device manager, go to display adapters, and disable your nvidia device so only the intel card is enabled.If you're getting "the Rockstar update service is unavailable (code 1)" when trying to install the game, or the launcher is crashing to desktop.

At the British Academy Video Games Awards in March 2014, Rockstar Games was honored with the BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award for "creating intricately layered interactive worlds that have kept the company at the forefront of the gaming industry for over a decade, both critically and commercially".

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In October 2011, Dan Houser told Famitsu that Rockstar Games was intentionally avoiding developing games in the first-person shooter genre, because "it is in our DNA to avoid doing what other companies are doing [...] the goalpoint of Rockstar is to have the players really feel what we're trying to do." Houser went on to say "Our games up to now have been different from any genre that existed at the time; we made new genres by ourselves with games like the GTA series.

We didn't rely on testimonials in a business textbook to do what we've done.

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