Validating steam files stuck at 5

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Validating steam files stuck at 5

There is only a problem when the amount of copying is far greater than the amount to be downloaded.Another problem that adds to the frustration is that Steam has three progress counters, one is bytes downloaded, one is bytes reused, and one is bytes successfully written out to newly modified files.In the UI, it only exposes the first counter so it may seem that the download has stopped, whereas the copying must be happening in the background.There is a file named as “Steam/logs/content_log.txt”. It contains all the details regarding the bytes for download, reuse, and copy.It would make 20MB downloadable files and 10220 MB of copying.Therefore, you spend a lot of time waiting for these copies to happen; you are bound by the copying speed.Every game present on Steam is broken down into chunks of around 1MB in size.For each game available, there is a manifest available which tells how to assemble these chunks into the game files.

Visit Stack Exchange For a few months now, Steam has been validating my files whenever I open it. What exactly is Steam doing when it says that it is validating files, and why does it need to do it so frequently?

If its different in any way it replaces or adds on any files.

If I ever have a problem with a game on steam this always the first thing i do.

It calculates which files it needs to download, copy over or replace.

So what does all this have to do with the low download speed? Their total size is a gigabyte each and in them, you have to change 2MB of files.

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