What does post dating a cheque mean Mexican sex chat

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What does post dating a cheque mean

In finer terms, a stale cheque is one that is presented for payment by the payee, at the drawee bank for encashment, but not accepted by the bank, because it is presented after the reasonable period, i.e.three months (earlier it was six months) of its date of payment.Cheque refers to a bill of exchange, which contains an unconditional order to the bank to pay the specified sum from your bank account.There are two kinds of cheques which are commonly misunderstood are stale cheque and post-dated cheque.It is mainly used when you want to make payment at a later date.The encashment of a post-dated cheque before the stated date varies from country to country.Primarily, there three parties to a cheque, drawer – who draws the cheque on his bank account, payee – to whom the cheque is payable, i.e. The other parties involved in the case of cheques are endorser – the one transferring his right for payment to another, and endorsee – the one to whom the right is conferred.In this article, you will get to know the difference between stale cheque and post-dated cheque.

the paying bank will accept the cheque for honour or encashment if it is presented after passing or arrival of the date specified on the cheque.In several countries, post-dated cheques can be presented for payment any time, while in some countries these cheques are not honoured until the date stated on the cheque.Stale Cheque Suppose a cheque is drawn on 4th April 2019, then it will be valid up to 3 months from the date of issue, i.e. If the cheque is presented after a reasonable time, then it cannot be encashed, because the banks dishonour such cheques. Post Dated Cheque Suppose a cheque issued on 4th April 2019 but the date mentioned on it is 19th April 2019.This usually occurs on the borrower's next payday.Most borrowers using payday loans have poor credit and low incomes.

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Since a time lag exists between when a person writes a postdated check and when a banker cashes it, sensitive information can remain exposed and vulnerable for days, weeks, or even a month. Identity theft occurs when someone obtains personal or financial information of another person in order to assume that person's identity to make transactions or purchases.

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