What sex dating sites accept amex

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Learn more about how we make money from our partners.Have an American Express (AMEX) card but don’t know which online stores will accept it?Stephanie has a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, and has visited over 50 countries (and counting).She has a passion for sharing her experiences and knowledge of travel and helping consumers stretch their travel cash while on holiday.Stephanie Yip is the travel editor at Finder and has been writing about travel and lifestyle for over a decade.She has written for a range of travel publications including Thomas Cook Magazine and Showpo.

Once approved for your American Express card, you’ll automatically be enrolled in American Express Membership Rewards.This surcharge is typically around 2% of the total cost.You will be advised during the checkout process whether a surcharge is included in your cost for using this credit card.We’ve noted stores that do this in the table above.Every time a customer swipes their card, merchants are required to pay that credit card company a fee for using their service.

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I found an interesting porn site today and decided to pay their fee and I went through the hoops and put my American Express credit card number in, and it was rejected with a little note saying, "This site does not accept American Express credit cards." I went to a bunch of other sites and attempted to join them also (just for statistical research, you understand), and at each of them the card was rejected because they do not accept American Express cards. I'm now waiting for Visa to come up with a commerical saying, "So if you want to join Naked Lesbian Bimbo's Gone Wild with Horny Water Buffaloes don't bother pulling out your American Express card, because they won't accept it.

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