Who is kim hyun joong dating

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Who is kim hyun joong dating

I thought about getting married when I was younger but now I don't think I can do it.

Coming back from the military, I'll be thirty-five by then.

I used to be the kind of person who loves the one that loves me first but now I think differently.

I think the other one who loves me might feel greater love.

He said, "I thought a relationship happened when two people decided they were together. There's a spark when the right person comes"."I even thought about it when I was filming a drama. It was like living in a different world so that's why I was so much more attracted to the drama this time".

i like work very much, I am happy now at this moment I want to enjoy the present happiness a little more. Thus, I will be happier later, because I like kids, I like to have two boys and two girls is the best. Well, I don’t think the birthday is special, so I don’t want my lover to take great care specially on my birthday, rather I like a woman who takes care of me as if everyday is my birthday. Lazer Kim View Point: I’m not so familiar with Korean culture and custom that I can only base my assessment pertaining on how Koreans show their love to their partners or display of affection.

Hyun Joong is not fond of mushy declaration of his affection, or he’s not demonstrative in terms of relationship.

By: Lazer Kim As Kim Hyun Joong gain his popularity the love he receives from his growing fan, and the more love he gives to them in return.

Love is the ultimate thing that one can give to another person.

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About this, Kim Hyung Joong said, “There was a woman who loved me and a woman that I loved in the drama. But after filming the drama, my thoughts have changed.