Worst dating cities 2016

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Worst dating cities 2016

The "best" winter cities were the warmest, least snowy and/or driest cities, relative to what you would expect there.

If you like winter cold and snow, just flip the best and worst labels around.

(MORE: Winter Storm Central)Examining snowfall, precipitation, and temperature statistics, we picked out the cities with the worst and best winter weather in 2016-2017, relative to an average winter.

By "worst"we mean those location where snow, cold and/or rain exceeded a typical winter the most.

Just before Thanksgiving, Winter Storm Argos clobbered that record from Argos, wringing out 35.3 inches of snow in Binghamton.

In just 22 hours, 31.3 inches fell, also breaking the city's 24-hour snowfall record of 23 inches set in February 1961.

During World War II, more men there were physically unfit to serve than in any other state, says Dr. “It’s been an incredible turnaround.” Here’s how Raleigh became a model for healthy living—and how you can too.

Perhaps the signature flood event was the crisis at Oroville Dam, the nation's tallest, about 60 miles north of Sacramento.But winter 2016-17 was particularly awesome in the Sunshine State.It was the warmest winter season on record in Tampa/St. Pete, only half the average winter rain fell in winter 2016-17.In just that roughly five-week period, Bismarck was buried by 52.8 inches of snow from four separate heavy snow events, more than their average for an entire season (50.1 inches).(RECAP: Bismarck's Record Early-Season Pace.We could have picked a number of Idaho locations in what was a harsh winter in the Gem State.

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These storms helped set a new seasonal snowfall record in Binghamton By mid-January, we may have inadvertent tipped our hand for the nation's worst winter city.